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September 6, 2014



Good afternoon friends and subscribers of The Rogers Revue,

You are looking at the FINAL POST of TheRogersRevue.wordpress.com. As of 6:00pm EST Friday 9/05/14, We have moved on up to a deluxe website on the net. The new address is therogersrevue.com  We ask that all our fans and loyal readers to please update your bookmarks so you can still be in the know of the DC/Baltimore’s Entertainment News and Reviews!

We would like to thank all the fans who have supported us these past five years on this site. We hope that you will continue to get your news, interviews, reviews and contests at The Rogers Revue!

You can also find us at https://www.facebook.com/TheRogersRevue and on Twitter @TheRogersRevue

Thank you!


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The Team at The Rogers Revue


MOVIE REVUE: A Sweet Switch

August 20, 2010


The first time I really ever saw Jason Bateman was during his days on a TV show called Silver Spoons; later, I saw his first movie, Teen Wolf Too, which is in my personal history as the first movie I really ever disliked.  After taking a hiatus from films for almost ten years, he started popping up in some very good movies in the 2000s, and The Switch is one of those very good movies.

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Inaugural Entry

January 16, 2009

Good afternoon all,

WELCOME TO MY SIDE OF THE WORLD. This is The Rogers Revue. My name is Dean Rogers. My purpose of writing my revues online, FINALLY, is to give a voice and an outlet to what’s on my mind. I bet you are wondering how did I get into the world of entertainment. Well, it’s a long story but knowing my audience, I don’t want to bore you with the all details.

Yours truly in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Yours truly in front of the Lincoln Memorial

I was born in the Nation’s Capital in January of 1981 full of hope, praise and purpose. I started my journey as a reporter at the tender age of two when my mom told me that I started reading the Washington Post. Who would have know that it would be the building blocks of the life I am living right now. Since that day, I dedicate my life to learn all that is learnable. I read encyclopedias, books, magazines, you name it. Then something on television got me pushed my learning to a new degree – that was gameshows and the evening news. I parlayed all my knowledge in the Prince George’s County School System for 13 years and received my diploma in June of 1999.

During my school years, I wrote what was my first masterpiece – “Advanced Space Academy – A One Week Journey”. I have sent my journal back to Space Camp staff. The journal received praised for being “one of the best written articles in the history of Space Camp”. From then on, I have done nothing but writing. I wrote news scripts for CTV 76 in Largo. I also created game scripts for my internet game shows for nearly 5 years. My best writing to date is when I am reviewing movies, interviewing celebrities, or going to special events for Eclipse Magazine since 2004.

Now, it’s my turn to bring my voice to all of you. I hope that you enjoy the Rogers Revue!


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