MOVIE REVUE: The Last Airbender Begs the Question…

July 1, 2010


Do movies have soul and spirit anymore?  Or is everything meant to be simply a spectacle?

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The Rogers Revue’s TOP FILMS of 2009

January 7, 2010

Hello TRR Readers,

Its the moment you all been waiting for.  After 365 days, countless visits to the DC Metro area’s finest movie theatres, and viewing countless films without breaking a sweat; it’s time to declare the THE ROGERS REVUE TOP FILMS OF 2009!

2009 has been an amazing journey for me both in real life and being a film critic. Last year, I have seen some of the amazing performances brought before me on the big screen. From the tearjerkers to the flights of fantasy, I have witnessed so many adventures to truly appreciate the cinematic art form.  I am surprised that after seeing over one hundred films, my mind has not turned to mush or that I quote movies on a daily basis by now. This year’s top film list is my very first as a online critic. I have to admit that I was surprised at my selections because it was quite a challenge to choose the best of the best. And now, ladies and gentleman….

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