MOVIE REVUE: I Dream of Hugo

November 23, 2011

Movies are like dreams; they can take you anywhere your heart desires. They can transport you to a mysterious world beyond comprehension. Many films can represent an adventure of a lifetime. For a young Parisian boy named Hugo, his adventures are just beginning. Legendary director Martin Scorsese takes a different route for the first time in his forty-year career as he directs his first family film. He goes on this new journey in order to make a film his daughter can enjoy. If you love adventure, mystery, and the magic of movies – then Hugo would be the one film to see this holiday season.

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MOVIE REVUE: A Frightening Injection of Reality In Contagion

September 9, 2011

We’ve seen plenty of pandemic films before. Varying from big budget successes like Outbreak, independent pictures like 2009’s Carriers and Danny Boyle’s gruesome vision 28 Days Later, the possibility of a global health emergency has been explored in movies for decades. It’s no wonder that this fictionally enhanced topic continues to instill fear in a world where diseases like malaria, Ebola and AIDS are still making an enormous impact on our population.  In Contagion, we are reminded of  the most devastating communicable diseases in human history – the plague, Spanish Flu and smallpox – all precursors  to HEV-1, the fictional killer virus at large in Steven Soderbergh’s $60 million contribution to the ‘what if’ scenario in a massive airborne health crisis.

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