Gangster Squad Arrives On Blu-ray April 23

March 8, 2013

gangster squad



Blu-ray Combo Pack includes almost two hours of never before seen bonus features

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MOVIE REVUE: The Power of MIB3

May 25, 2012


The black suits are back in town to save the world from the scum of the universe. This time, one agent must travel back in time to save his longtime partner from an alien who wants revenge. It’s been fifteen years since their first adventure; can they save the universe and the summer season in 3-D? Let’s review the mission dossier of Men in Black 3 as completed by Agent DR.

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MOVIE REVUE: A Gritty Western

December 22, 2010


True Grit

Usually I say to myself, why is Hollywood so unoriginal by remaking movies or making sequels rather than actually coming up with a new idea. When Hollywood remakes an original that is a classic I always get worried. Will it do the original justice? Will it be any good? Will it improve upon the original? There are so many questions that enter my mind and with each one comes another and I start getting nervous. Usually it doesn’t live up to the original and the fears are realized. But every now and then a remake comes along that is simply a great movie all by itself. True Grit is one of these.

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MOVIE REVUE: No Rush to Meet this Stranger

October 9, 2010


In Woody Allen’s latest, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Allen tackles the all-too familiar elements of unraveling relationships and crumbling marriages. Here Allen explores the diverse problems of two couples separated by age and class, with the utmost ease. Allen seems comfortable exploring familiar territory here, resulting in a decidedly safe movie that comes off as average when considering Allen’s expansive body of work over the last five decades.

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MOVIE REVUE: Gekko’s Redemption

September 24, 2010



Well Gordon Gekko is back!  After a 23 year hiatus, Douglas and director Oliver Stone revisit the character of Gekko and the world of Wall Street.  Absent is Charlie Sheen’s Budd Fox, replacing him is Shia LaBeouf’s young, hotshot stock broker, Jacob Moore, who gets caught in Gekko’s web of seduction, deception, and greed.  Often times when films have sequels years apart from one another, it often works against the film’s series as a whole.  However, seeing that is the first sequel that Stone has directed to any of his films, I figured that Stone perhaps had a story worth telling.  The question is, does Stone have a story worth telling?

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MOVIE NEWS: Agent J is back for Men in Black 3-D

May 9, 2010


Agent J signs up for 3rd MIB mission

Get ready to pull those black suits and the black Ray-bans out of the closet. Actor Will Smith has signed on to star in Men In Black 3, the first in the new trilogy to be released in the 3D format.
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