TV REVUE – Wilfred: Doubt

Bruce: You convinced me to make out with my own father.
Wilfred: Everyone at the party loved it. They thought it was edgy.

Last night’s “Doubt” may have been the strangest Wilfred yet. Ryan quits smoking weed for ten days before Wilfred knocks him off the wagon by episode’s end. In between all that however, Ryan spies a man observing him at various points throughout his day, including a session of yoga with Kristen. The man later reveals himself to be Bruce (Dwight Yoakam) and claims to see Wilfred exactly as Ryan sees him, and that their not so unique relationship nearly destroyed Bruce’s life. Bruce warns Ryan that the same fate will befall him should he continue remaining Wilfred’s friend.

This information begins to worry Ryan, who begins spying on Wilfred, after Bruce poses the question of ‘how well to you really know Wilfred?’ Wilfred, however is onto Ryan’s stealth attempts and confront him. This all culminates in a bizarre confrontation between Ryan, Wilfred and Bruce in an open field after Ryan decides to abandon Wilfred there. A gun is drawn and there is a humorous play on the theme of who of them is imaginary versus real as well as the concept of doubt and faith. It’s all very strange the way things play out, and while the resolution isn’t absolute, it’s sufficient. Bruce exists in the ‘real’ world, and both he and Ryan share the ability to interact with Wilfred as he appears to each of them the same way.

As I said, very strange from an episodic structure, but there were many high points here tonight. I appreciated the manic energy Dwight Yoakam brought to Bruce and was a good partner in crime for Wilfred. Wilfred himself engaged in many activities reminiscent of Buffalo Bill in the The Silence of the Lambs, made all manner of disgusting observations regarding the smells emitting from the rears of the other ladies in yoga class and lied his ass off about his true relationship with Bruce via Matt Damon-inspired characters (the Matt Damon theme is a great running gag). All told, a lot of weird going-ons, but also a lot of frequent hilarity.

Final Grade: B+

TRR TV Revue by Jacob Aquino

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