TV REVUE – Wilfred: Pride


So it’s one of those arguments where neither of us is right and neither of us is wrong. We’re both kind of swimming in a gray area. – Wilfred

Despite stooping to depict all manner of deviant sexual acts, tonight’s episode “Pride” manages to be the best that Wilfred has offered so far. En route to the mall from some free air conditioning, Wilfred causes Ryan to literally merge into another car being driven by Beth (a wonderfully kooky Jane Kaczmarek), initially a no nonsense, alpha woman whose car is eventually assessed in the mid four digit range—a hefty sum for a near-broke Ryan.

It was funny to see Wilfred work his magic and convince Ryan that the best course of action would be to attempt the seduction of Beth (easily 20+ years his senior) rather than ask his sister for the money. I knew Wilfred always had a thing for ‘Bear’ but here he chats up ‘Raffy’ the giraffe while Ryan and Beth are having dinner. “Pride” really takes the series to some of the most disturbing places yet, and while it is a risky move to turn off some viewers, it is one that nonetheless pays off.

Regarding the ending when Beth’s young son Tyler walks in and sees Ryan cuckholding Raffy at Wilfred’s expense, was anyone else reminded of Curb Your Enthusiasm? The way Ryan and Wilfred looked at each other and immediately began to exit as Tyler began calling for mom, I thought Ryan and Wilfred looked exactly like Larry David and Jeff Greene in that moment. Also, my inner self was alternating between repulsion and hilarity every time Beth referred to her “rabbit hole” in that child lisp. Truly earned cringe-inducing moments. All said, well done Wilfred.

Final Grade: A+

TRR TV Revue by Jacob Aquino

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