Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night!



A total lunar eclipse will be happening starting Monday night (12/20/10) into Tuesday morning (12/21/10) on the eastern coast. This is a nice little early Christmas present for everyone as seeing a lunar eclipse is a great experience and everyone should go out and see it, weather permitting.

Normally the moon is illuminated by the sun but during a total lunar eclipse, the earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking the light emitted from the sun. Indirect light will still emerge and will turn the moon an interesting, dark color.

The moon will appear high in the sky due to its coinciding with the earth’s winter solstice.

Eclipse Diagram

According to NASA, the show is expected to last approximately 3 ½ hours if the sky is clear. It will begin at 2:41 a.m. eastern standard time on Tuesday morning. A little over an hour of its beginning will be the peak of the total lunar eclipse.

To watch the lunar eclipse you only need to go outside and look up. Unlike a solar eclipse, you do not need any protective gear.

So if you are still up, or looking to watch something exciting, go outside on Tuesday, early morning and check out Mother Nature’s version of an entertainment show!

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2 Responses to Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night!

  1. heiresschild says:

    maybe i’ll be able to see it from my window ’cause i don’t think i’ll be going outside at 2:41am where i live.

  2. Me & my husband woke all 4 of my daughters up to witness it with their own eyes @ 3:17a. I live in Miami, FL. & its about 54 degrees Farenheit & I don’t really believe that I’m sitting here typing all of this @ 3:58a. However, I took pictures which were ok & am thankful I was able to lay eyes on such a captivating event.

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